Sunday, April 08, 2007

On Pintucks

No, I still haven't actually finished anything. I tried to finish monogramming the last flour sack towel for Mom this afternoon and ran out of thread.

So I decided to try out my new pintuck foot that just arrived in the mail from eBay. I didn't realize that this was done with a double needle (it could be done with a single needle and no special foot, I understand, if you can sew straight and right on the edge of the folded fabric) and was happy to find that I already have a twin needle and the extra spool needed for it. I hooked it all up and threaded it - easy enough - and started to sew. It didn't work right the first time, but that's when I remembered that you need to change the upper thread tension. I bumped it up to 9 and off I went. Its rather neat! After you sew the first one, you just line up the pintuck in one of the grooves and it guides the next one.
This is what my experimental piece looked like (still can't photograph white for the life of me - I need a lightbox set up).

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