Wednesday, February 28, 2007

50's Housewife?

I bought an apron pattern a little while ago and never got around to trying it. I gave into temptation and bought some Freshcut fabric to try it with. I finally started it on Monday night. I don't know what my problem is, but I never seem to completely understand pattern instructions, but it turned out fine. It just took me more time than I think it should have. It has a sort of v-neck to it with a flounce. Its rather cute, but I may put this on Etsy and see if anyone is interested in it.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The End is Near

Okay, not really. Perhaps the end of yo-yo making for the immediate future. I have just one more fabric to go (the red striped), but I wanted to use it for binding as well, so I hate to start cutting until I know what I need for binding, which means I need to decide how big to make the quilt.

So after badgering my husband to help me count them all, I discovered that I had 365 already done. I am figuring on getting around 35 out of the striped fabric at least, so I can do a 20 x 20 square of yo yos with a nice wide border around the edges.

One every two inches seems to dense and one every 3 inches too sparse. So, one every 2 1/2" it is. I tried spacing one row out and then laying the rest out in a grid just to get the idea of it in my head (must see - I am a visual person). That's tedious, but here it is. Its not the final layout or anything and I didn't make any attempt to make them random. I'll obsess over that later.

So that makes this a 50" square before borders. That seems like an okay size. I don't need anything huge. I just hate making things too small just because I'm too lazy to keep going. It just doesn't seem big enough laying there on the floor. Maybe I'm crazy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nothing new

I haven't been doing anything exciting, so I've had nothing in particular to post about. Like I said earlier, my college roommate was here this weekend, and so I had to get caught up on my cleaning and work after she left. I did make a bazillion more yo-yos over the weekend, but there's nothing to look at there, but a growing pile of them.

This morning, I decided to try making the Chocolate Sugar Cookies that were in Martha Stewart Living's March issue. They turned out pretty well. I may bake them a bit less next time, since I didn't make them nearly as large as the recipe called for. But I took a picture and I was all proud of myself how it turned out. I should really get a tripod and practice more.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hand Towels

My roommate from college is coming to vist tomorrow, so what am I doing? Monogramming new hand towels for myself, of course. What else would a logical person be doing?? They're in my favorite colors. Yeah!

Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm still plugging away on the Yo Yo's. I've got a hundred or so finished already. They really don't require too much time. I need to figure out how far apart I will space them and what size quilt I want. I don't think I bought enough fabric.

Oh, and my link down below to the Sturbridge Yankee quilt has changed from red to pink and the quilt itself has disappeared from their website. I'm liking the pink. How cute. Now I might have to make a baby quilt out of pink. Ah, the many plans that I have in my head. I'm a crazy idiot.

Still more aprons. . .

I'm an apron fool, apparently.

I made a couple more this past week. Matching aprons for my sister and the guy she's dating. Then one for my Husband, who turned 29 this past week. Wahoo!