Monday, February 10, 2014

Condensed Milk Painting

I found this idea on Pinterest awhile back while looking for ideas for entertaining the kids.
The older Little Man likes to paint.  A lot.
He would paint everyday if I would let him.
This is a super easy thing to do, however, if you don't want condensed milk everywhere, 
I suggest towels on the floor and close supervision. 
It didn't take long before we were painting on our bellies.
That is usually the best way to paint, according the the younger Little Man.
Bath time immediately afterwards is necessary, at least at our house,
but that just means that you can start painting
faux goatees and temporary tattoos, courtesy of Daddy.
They had a blast, so we'll most likely do it again.
Outside sounds like a grand idea.

Anyway, just mix food coloring into condensed milk.  The mini muffin pan worked great.
It takes rather a long time to dry, but it dries thick and glossy. 
It stays sticky for awhile, though, so you can't really stack them up afterwards.
Don't leave them on the floor, or your dog will try to lick the paint off.  Ha ha. 
It sort of crystallized a bit after awhile too, so I scanned these in order to save them.
I am thinking I'll put a selection of our paintings into the annual photo album,
Then I won't have to feel guilty about tossing them at some point.

As you can see from the last photo, there was plenty of paint left, 
so one can is more than enough.