Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dog Collars

I found a link the other day at another blog for Pattern & Paw, who has ribbon leashes, collars and harnesses for dogs & cats. Very cute. I am tempted to buy. I love this collar, but its too big for my tiny dog.

So I decided to play around and see if I couldn't make my own collar. I had to look around to find a clip for it, but Joanns had little parachute clips that I figured would work. I used 5/8" ribbon and backed it with twill tape from Martha's crafts line. I slipped in a small D ring and ta-da!

Its a bit big and I haven't fixed that yet. I was having a hard time measuring Dutch's neck, since he really hates collars and harnesses and leashes. Yeah. He's 8 months old and we never make him wear one. Gonna have to break him of that, aren't we? But its cute.
**edited to note that he's already chewed and broken the parachute clip. As I said before, it was loose and he got his mouth around it and took it off all by himself today - the first day I decided to make him wear a collar.


Thimbleanna said...

Awww. He's so cute! And that's one adorable little collar!

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