Friday, November 07, 2008

Leaf Peeping

What is leaf peeping anyway? Why "peeping"?

A few weeks ago, the Man had a rare Saturday off, so we went on a drive south to Ohiopyle State Park to look at leaves and get out of the house and spend some time outside.

I'm so in love with rocks and water. Darn city. This is what I need in my backyard.

Maybe part of why I love it so much is that it reminds me of all the time that the Man and I spent in a nearby gorge when we were in college. I think we literally spent every single afternoon that first spring that we dated in that gorge. You know, studying and all.
But anyway, it was the perfect weekend to go and all the leaves were beautiful down there, even though the trees in our backyard didn't change color until this week.

Even Dutch enjoyed himself climbing over and around the rocks and crunching in the leaves. There were so many things to see and smell, he didn't mind the chilly weather or even his accidental leap into the water.

It wore Dutch and I out and we spent the drive home on the "scenic route" sleeping. He's a fabulous warm little cuddler and the sunshine and the ride put us out. That part ought to have reminded the Man of all those trips home from college when I napped for 5 hours while he drove. What can I say? Sunshine knocks me out.

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