Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sheesh, I Am a Mom

Today is Wednesday. It is The Man's day off, and we run our errands together on Wednesdays. We do pretty much everything that we need to do on these days to save making multiple trips. We're not big shoppers, so sometimes it can be a long day for us, but we enjoy doing it together.

Now that we have Jack, our afternoons have become a little more complicated, but he's not too bad. I usually end up feeding him at some point, since the timing makes it rather unavoidable.

Today, I put him in cute little shorts and shirt and just after he started eating, he pooped ALL over me. It was one of those ones that shoots up the back, rather than down, and it was really wet. It went up and down my thigh and into the seat. Needless to say, this cut our day short, since I didn't bring myself a second change of clothes. Who knew you'd need one?? His shirt was completely clean and there was only a tad bit on his shorts, probably from what was on my thigh. I had a couple things for him to wear, of course. Figures.

Agh. I love the little guy anyway. How could I not?

We'll try again tomorrow, I guess.

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Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, what a little cutie -- he's getting SO big! Welcome to motherhood LOL!