Monday, October 05, 2009

Pics on the Wall

Its amazing! I finally hung some pictures on the wall! Okay, there are a few hung up in my house, but precious few. The Man likes to give me a hard time about all the pictures that I have sitting around that are never hung up. My official reason is that I'm waiting until we get our "real" furniture so that I know for sure where I want to hang them. Nevermind that we may not actually buy furniture anytime soon.

So Mom had the idea awhile back that I should frame our feet pictures and hang them above our bed. I actually thought that was a good idea and so I tried to get the pictures printed at Costco. I found frames first so that I could make sure I had the right size. It can be hard to find square frames. I picked these up at Ikea. BTW, did you know that Costco now prints 8x8 and 12x12's? That's cool. That will be nice for scrapbooking. If I ever get around to doing anyway. I have plans. Big plans.

Anyway. So I submitted my pictures to Costco online and got a phone call the next day to let me know that they couldn't print them. She wasn't sure why, but perhaps they were not high enough resolution. The computer was just kicking them out. Okie doke. I made them bigger and resubmitted them. At least they called. I was surprised at that. Then I went in to pick them up. They were kicked out again and they couldn't tell me why. I knew that they were plenty big enough that time.

They gave me a phone number for technical support. I e-mailed customer service online and for some reason, they just resubmitted my order again. Same one. So I stopped in again. No. Still didn't print. ARGH! This time, I decided to try to make them smaller. Good grief, it worked. Who knew? They don't tell you anywhere that there is a maximum size that they can be. The whole thing was just ridiculous. But anyway. I got them. After something like a month.........

I'm not quite sure that I love them there above the bed. Perhaps its just the bed frame that doesn't look right with it. But whatever. I have pictures hung. And that's a good thing.

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Thimbleanna said...

Cute pictures! I love that it looks like Jack's trying to make a getaway on your picture -- he knows where the "real" you is!