Saturday, March 09, 2013

Embroidered Kid's Plush Blanket

I was making a last minute run to the store to get supplies for our customer Christmas gifts for work when I spotted a bin of little blankets for $5 at Walmart.  I don't buy many gifts for the kids because they have plenty of stuff and we had already bought them their big gift - a Lionel electric train for around the tree.  I really only had books, PJs and a few odds and ends bought for them, so I decided to grab these as well.

What I really wanted to buy them was one of these Sherpa Stroller Blankets at Pottery Barn, but by the time you add monogramming and shipping, it seems a little silly.

When I spotted these little cheap-o blankets, though, it occurred to me that I could monogram them.  I really should have grabbed a few more for gifts for nieces and nephews, but I didn't.  Maybe if I see any similar items again I will do that, because I think they would make for nice gifts.

Christmas time is crazy busy for me, so these were monogrammed in my basement at 1:00 AM on Christmas Eve while I made my poor husband blow up a bunch of balloons to have scattered around when the kids got up in the morning.  Procrastinate much?  Ha!


I really like how they turned out.  I was going to attempt their names, but it seemed like over-kill and I was worn out and still had gifts to wrap (of course!).  I am never really sure how to make sure the spacing is correct between letters, either.  Maybe I should figure that out.  So a single-letter monogram it is!


Tessa said...

I love the single letter monograms - these are so nicely done. Nice gifts for sure :)

Thimbleanna said...

They're perfect Ms. Barefoot! I love having an embroidery machine just for such projects!