Friday, June 02, 2006

Wedding Quilt is Finito!

I've finished Tim & Carol's quilt and its a whole 2 months early!! I'm shocked with myself. Its very simple quilting, but I think its quilted heavily enough to make it wrinkly and quilty. I realized that I didn't prewash and I thought that might cause problems with the chocolate bleeding, but I put some swatches in bowls of water last night and there is not a drop of dye in the bowls. Wahoo! I'm debating about washing the quilt at Mom's house this weekend. I love when it shrinks and starts to get softer, but it looks nice when its stiff. Is anyone else thinking that my use of monograms might be a bit heavy-handed?? Oh well. Carol likes monograms, I think, and no one else will get them anything with monograms on it. And I have to get my money's worth out of this machine, right?

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