Sunday, August 20, 2006

Its Been Awhile

I know how much it stinks to visit a blog and never get any new postings, but its been busy. Not that anyone is actually reading my blog, but still....

July is just a busy month. We always seem to go to my parents or on vacation over the 4th. This year, since he's low man on the totem pole at work, we weren't able to get off that week, but we did go to my parents for the day. Our anniversary is a few days later - our 5th - and a few days after that, we took vacation. We went to WV for a few days. Not terribly exciting, but it was pretty and something to do. Then my little brother got married. Last weekend, our company had its summer picnic, so I went back home for that. So.

I have been doing things, but not much. I sold a quilt on Etsy! YEAH! I was very excited about that. I'm always concerned that people won't like my quilts as much as I do, so that was exciting. I made another one to replace it. This time, I found the perfect size embroidery design to applique the stars on with. I've just about finished it. I ran out of navy thread, but I just need to finish hand-sewing the binding.

Then I found this quilt on eBay the other day that was apparently an antique made out of Goose in the Pond Blocks done in chocolate and pink. Rather cute. So I've decided to experiment a bit with different colors like that. So I started this blue and chocolate quilt. I've only got a few squares done, but I really like it! My husband, surprisingly, likes it as well. I'm thinking about making a full-size one for myself. I guess I'll finish this up first and see how I feel about it. This one may just make it into the shop. I think that its the perfect solution for a little boy quilt, but it would be great for a girl too - like I said, I think I might want one for me!

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Heather Z said...

I read your blog! :) Nice to see that you are back! Keep up the great quilting!

Heather -