Monday, August 21, 2006

One Year Anniversary

Hey hey hey! It was my blog's one year anniversary yesterday. Good for me, I actually posted. Of course, I forgot that its been a year. I was so shocked that I got a comment when I came back today, that it jolted me out of my stupor. After I was distracted by checking out her blog. Thanks Heather!

I finished up the little blue & brown quilt top and promptly made another, because, well, there was more fabric. I really think I need a large one for myself. Now I need batting and more fabric.

On another note, check out Autum's site, Creative Little Daisy. Her poor little puppy died. I'm so wishing I could hug that little guy. I have been wanting a puppy, specifically a chihuahua forever and ever. I'd been enjoying her pictures and wishing he was mine.

My apartment charges $30 a month for pet rent. Sheesh. I'm too cheap and the elevator ride down is too long for a puppy. We've been house hunting, though, and a puppy is going to be my first splurge after I get over the shock of all the money we'll shell out for a house with a semi-private yard.

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