Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The World's Shortest Attention Span

I think I have it. The world's shortest attention span, that is. I have been trying to write down some plans for the new year - not resolutions - just plans. I am realizing just how many projects I have planned or started and not finished.

Here's just a few:

I have a red & white quilt that I'm hand quilting. It was started 2 years ago and is approximately half way done. I work on it in fits and starts.

I have one more of those little Tudor Rose patchwork quilts to quilt. There were 4 altogether and I did one when I first bought the fabric and 2 during this past year. Must finish the 3rd.

I have a green & white quilt that is quilted & bound and just needs the centers of the circles handquilted with a "loop" motif in them (since I can't do it by machine).

I have a halfway quilted Summer Wind quilt that needs to be finished. Again, my quilting dreams are ahead of my quilting abilities and its stalled me.

I have a blue & green quilt started that need to be basted and quilted. I've been carrying that around in my trunk for months, as I really need to do it at my parents, since I don't have the space to do it here. I haven't felt like basting it the last several times I've been up there so it just continues to ride around.

I have a quilt started in 2 shades of blue. I suppose there's about 4 blocks finished? Need to work on that.

See - how terrible is this?? I also have a half-finished scarf laying beside the couch. Can't decide what size needles I really want to use to make it with. I have a beautiful robin's egg blue jute fabric that i want to make bags out of, but I can't decide what to use for handles. I have a half-finished sage green one for the same reason. I have a beautiful chocolate damask fabric laying here to make myself an apron out of. I have leftover fabric from the aprons that I made for Christmas presents that I should use up for half aprons and potholders and list on Etsy.

Can you tell I'm also indecisive?

Maybe writing it down will help me start knocking it off.

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