Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yo Yo Quilt

So I found a bunch of red & white prints at JoAnns this week and I was pleasantly suprised by the selection! I bought half yards of 8 prints and I had 2 already. I hope that will be enough? We'll see. It remains to be seen what sort of attention span I have for these. That may determine the size of the quilt!

I will say that the yo yo makers seem to work well. It seems like it would be difficult to hold the fabric circles by themselves and sew stitches. Having it in the little disk is easy. You just put the fabric in face down, cut around and sew around the circle in the arcs. Pop it out and pull the string tight and knot it. That's it! Relatively quick and painless. I'm thinking its a perfect TV-watching thing to work on. My husband hates when I run the sewing machine during a movie!

Oh, and I found another place selling what appears to be the same quilt as Gooseberry Patch's yo yo quilt. Its at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. They call it the lollipop quilt and wow, is it ever expensive! But it comes in all the standard sizes. I suppose it would cost at least that much to make such a quilt if you factor in the time spent, though. Just won't be buying one for myself. I'll try to drive myself crazy by making one, instead. It sure is cute!

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Thimbleanna said...

Love the quilt! Thanks for the report on the yoyo makers -- may have to try that sometime.