Sunday, February 25, 2007

The End is Near

Okay, not really. Perhaps the end of yo-yo making for the immediate future. I have just one more fabric to go (the red striped), but I wanted to use it for binding as well, so I hate to start cutting until I know what I need for binding, which means I need to decide how big to make the quilt.

So after badgering my husband to help me count them all, I discovered that I had 365 already done. I am figuring on getting around 35 out of the striped fabric at least, so I can do a 20 x 20 square of yo yos with a nice wide border around the edges.

One every two inches seems to dense and one every 3 inches too sparse. So, one every 2 1/2" it is. I tried spacing one row out and then laying the rest out in a grid just to get the idea of it in my head (must see - I am a visual person). That's tedious, but here it is. Its not the final layout or anything and I didn't make any attempt to make them random. I'll obsess over that later.

So that makes this a 50" square before borders. That seems like an okay size. I don't need anything huge. I just hate making things too small just because I'm too lazy to keep going. It just doesn't seem big enough laying there on the floor. Maybe I'm crazy.

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