Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So I've been absent for awhile. We closed on our house on August 7th and have been busily working on it since. We've painting the living room and bedrooms, stripped wallpaper in the kitchen, bathroom and entryway and painted them as well, and removed carpet. Then we spent a ridiculous amount of time removing hardware, sanding cabinet doors and painting cabinets and kitchen walls around freshly painted cabinets. I'll share more pictures later, but this is some of what it is looking like.

I ordered cabinet hardware on eBay and saved a decent amount of money doing that and I got the same hardware that I had picked out at Home Depot. I also ordered my new oven (there wasn't one in the house) on eBay and it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. That was also a significant savings over both Lowes or Sears. The seller has been very helpful so far and has answered all of my questions. Hopefully it will end well too! I also ordered a crystal chandelier and bought a couple palm trees. Yeah!

We are moving in on Thursday and things are really crazy here now. I'm trying to finish up the quilting on my yo yo quilt so that I can take it with me to work on when we head out of here for Maine on vacation on the 28th. Because of that, I won't be around much for awhile yet.

We are having a friend who refinishes hardwood floors come in and do all of ours while we are away, so they should be finished and dry when we get back. We won't be able to move in to the house really until then. Ugh. But I'm excited about how they will look when they're done.

Original Kitchen

Original Living Room
Sanding the cabinets
Scraping off faux slate

Removing Carpet

Living Room after removing carpet & painting

Painting cabinets with Cotton Ball

Painting vent covers

Old awful cabinet hardware

Kitchen after wallpaper removal

New kitchen paint in Beacon Gray

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Thimbleanna said...

How exciting! It looks like you're doing a great job! We re-did a house like yours once and I loved it -- so much fun choosing new stuff for the house. Have fun!