Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm Baaack

Sort of. I'm home anyway. We left for Maine on Aug 28th and returned on Sept 6th. It was lovely. We brought home a cooler of lobsters and stopped to spend the day at my parents where I could get started on getting caught up at work and then we had a nice grilled lobster dinner with Mom & Dad and my brother and his family. That was nice.

I've got a billion pictures that I could share, but I haven't gotten that far yet. Unpacking and getting caught up on work are sucking up my time. So here's a little something. They are some sort of sweet pea (not the real, fragrant kind, more the weedy kind) and they are growing like crazy along the driveway. I picked up a pair of crystal vases on vacation and put them on our nightstands. The blue ones are reproduction ink wells that I also picked up on vacation as well and they are gracing the windowsill above the kitchen sink. After I bought them, I noticed real ones over and over again in antique shops but they were too much to justify purchasing any. I did find one that was only $2, so I snagged it and put some sweetpeas in my bathroom as well. My house maybe disorganized and dirty, but I have my flowers!

My hardwood floors are refinished and are absolutely beautiful! If you happen to be near Pittsburgh, I could happily recommend the guy. I washed and rehung the curtains that were already in the living room and we got a call last week saying that our couch and chair are in (several weeks early - since when does that happen??) so now I am in desparate need of some rugs to start to pull the living room together. Woohoo!
I'll be back later with pictures, hopefully.

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