Monday, December 17, 2007

Fluffy girly ruffly apron

Okay, so I decided the other day to use some of my "scrap" pile from the yo yo quilt to make myself a ruffled apron, a la Morgan Moore at One More Moore. Sorta. I didn't make all the ruffles the same size, because my fabric strips were not the same size. So they are graduated with the largest on the bottom.

I think it turned out cute. Its rather girly for me. I like it though. I'm thinking about posting this one up on Etsy and see if anyone bites. I bought more black and white fabric to feed my ongoing black and white obsession and I may tweak it a bit to make more. I don't know why. Because I can.

In keeping with the black and white theme of the post, here's some more. This is my baby. Ain't he growin up too fast?! He's a whopping 3.7 pounds now! In this first one, he was 1.7 pounds.

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