Saturday, December 22, 2007

Panic and Gratuitous Puppy Photos

So today I'm starting to panic. I've got several loose ends for my gifts and I haven't made a blessed thing to take up to the parents' house. Eek. I usually make cinnamon rolls for Christmas Day, but we're probably going up tomorrow, so I can't very well do that before. I guess I will have to make them up there. Tomorrow is the family get-together at Grandma's and I don't have anything to take to that.

Today, The Man got up and went straight to work and he'll be there until 11:30 or so tonight. So, I thought I'd be all productive today and get all this stuff done. Right. I've done loads of laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen and wrapping presents. That's all the further I got. Now I've got wrapping paper and ribbons strewn around and no, I'm not finished.

I need to get my act together and get packed as well, but first, I really need to sit down and do some of my work, since I probably won't getting much done now till Wednesday or Thursday.

In the midst of my wrapping and panic, there is this. My little man who really needs a bath before we head to Grammie's house, staring out the window because I'm ignoring him and he's bored out of his mind. I'd love nothing better than to curl up with him and take a nap. Perhaps tomorrow, little guy.

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Shopaholic D said...

cute photos! i like the one with the big window the best!

:) D