Monday, January 14, 2008

Roman Shades?

I forgot to mention several weeks ago that I finally tried my hand at making a roman shade for our kitchen door. I was thinking that if I liked it, I may do it in other rooms. I bought some white Egyptian cotton for the front and backed it with plain white muslin. I bought one of those Wright's Roman Shade Kits on sale for $12ish and I bought the fabric on sale for maybe $6. This is how it turned out.

Nevermind that my door is ugly. I'm not sure I like the shade. Its okay. Then I saw that Ikea sells them for $6.99. Okay, so this was clearly a dumb idea. My other problem is that after hanging it, there was so much condensation on the inside of the window, it started to soak up on the bottom of the shade. Now there's that faint brown line from the water on it. I've stapled the dumb thing to a piece of wood to hang it. Clearly this whole thing was a dumb idea. Back to the drawing board.

Oh, and about the kit? It was fine, but clearly overkill. The brackets were waay larger than I wanted to use and I have plenty of cording and tape left over. Maybe I could sell what's left on eBay and salvage something from this experiment.

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