Sunday, February 03, 2008

Maybe someday I'll post again. . .

Where did January go? I don't feel like I've gotten much done, so where have I been? I really don't know. . . I'm going with the excuse that my real job has taken up more time than normal. Just that time of year.

One of my other little projects that I didn't get around to posting about was a set of pillows for Dutch to sleep. Well, it started out as a set. I bought box pillow forms and soft chocolate-colored fur and spent too much on them. Then I set out to make the pillow covers with a zipper in the band. Oh my word. These did not turn out well.

The zippers were really p*ssing me off. I couldn't get those right for the life of me. I did finally get one in, but I had to practically shave all the fur off around it to get it to zip up. Then I had a heck of a time sewing the fur together and keeping the edges even. Much too slippery and a bit of stretch in one direction.

It turned out okay, but so not worth the money in materials. He promptly peed on this one, so I couldn't return that pillow form. But I did return the other pillow forms and retrieve a little bit of my wasted money. Dutch tried it out and will get on it now and then, but he eventually retreats to the folded up blanket in our bedroom.

I still have the other pillow pieces cut out and I think I may just get a cheapo flatter pillow form and make pillows out of those and see if he'll sleep on those. I hope so.

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