Monday, February 04, 2008

This time a project was successful!

I did manage to finish one successful project. Okay, its not quite finished, but almost (I have a small closet area I'm still ignoring). I got the Man to fix the baseboards in the house and I painted them. Yay! It looks much better, I think.

When we refinished the floors, we made them darker, so they no longer matched the baseboards. The baseboards were a nice shade of orangey tinted oak. Not my thing.

I thought maybe we'd replace the trim altogether with something nicer, but that didn't seem to make much sense when we priced it, so we left what baseboard was there and added it to the wall that it was missing from. Then we put on all the missing shoe molding. There are still a few gaps between the floors and the baseboards in the spare room, but whatcha gonna do? Not a big deal.

Then I primed it and painted it all white. Looks much better. I had a little dog running around the whole time who really wanted to be in my lap or chew on my arm, but he didn't do much damage. I only found a few little foot prints of paint on my floors and they were damp, so they came right off. Twirp.

Oh, and I discovered something else. This is probably elementary, but I didn't know it. This is my baseboard before. Kinda disappointing.

This is after. After what? CAULKING. Yay! Caulk is my new best friend. I've run around caulking all the gaps in the trim that I can find and everything looks so much better!

Now if I could just get the Man to put up crown molding in the bedrooms. Wish me luck! He's been dragging his feet for weeks!


Thimbleanna said...

Very, very nice! I'll be your house is really looking good. Thanks for the caulking tip. I've been painting for years and never thought to use caulking for that -- just assumed it was for the bathroom fixtures. Doh! My solution was to just keep cramming more paint into the gaps -- you're solution is much, much better!

Suzanne said...

That looks much much better. You are a genius.