Saturday, January 24, 2009

And More Cribs

We've now visited most of the different baby stores around us to see some cribs in person. We've found several collections that we liked. There aren't any prices on most of them as individual pieces though, so whether or not they are practical, I have no idea. A couple of these are nicer than our own bed! But I guess if you're going to buy a crib to convert into a full-size bed later, there's no point in going too cheap.

Anyway, this is the selection of furniture that we liked from those places.

Natart Furniture Theo Collection

I like the grain on this furniture. I don't like that they made all those checkerboard patterns in it, but the grain is really pretty, especially in person.

Munire Furniture Savoy Collection

I like the leather inset on this. Would make for a nice full-size bed later on.

Munire Furniture Park Avenue Collection

I'm really a little in love with the Park Avenue collection. It reminds me of antique furniture and would make a very nice adult bedroom. Think the munchkin would ruin it before then?

This is one of our favorites as well, although perhaps not in that color. They have a mahogany finish too, but I prefer something more in between. Not so light as Chestnut, not so red as mahogany.

Bonavita Furniture Heritage Collection

Sadly, I think this one might be discontinued, or it would be one of our favorites too.

Bonavita Furniture Cabana Collection

This set is similar to the Antiqua, with the rattan insets, although they're hard to see in these pictures (my scan turned out rather crappy). The brochure picture made me laugh when I opened it, because its similar to what my office would look like in my head. White walls, white sheer curtains, capiz shell chandelier, and a blue scrolled rug. I went with a drum shade light instead, but otherwise, this is the look I'm working on. It just won't look as lovely in real life in my interpretation.

Anyway. Now to figure out how much this stuff costs and what we're really going to buy! [sigh] It always comes down to that, doesn't it?

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