Saturday, January 10, 2009

Start of Something That Resembles Productivity

This is what I've completed so far. I haven't crocheted much recently, but I figured I ought to have at least made one little blanket for my own little one. So this is my first.

I may make more, just because I can, and because its an easy project to tote around when we're out running errands or whatever.

Its actually pure white, but I can't get that color corrected for the life of me in the photos and I don't have that much ambition. Its a nice cotton blend yarn.

This is not where I got the pattern, but I was just browsing today and found a pattern that is nearly identical to what I used for this blanket here. Its even using the same yarn and hook size that I used. Wierd. I got the pattern out of an old pattern book that I had.

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Suzanne said...

Oh, it's so cute and cuddly looking!