Friday, February 13, 2009

{I'm Bored}

I'm bored, so I put together a collage of sorts of what I've got for the nursery/office right now. I am very impatiently waiting for the crib that I've finally ordered and I am not really ready to put it in here so soon anyway, so I'm playing with this in the meantime. Today my light fixture is supposed to arrive and I'm excited about that, but its getting late and no UPS yet.

I ordered prints of these photos a couple weeks ago from S*m's Club, and when I picked them up, they had given me someone else's baby photos. Ergh. They had to reorder them for me so it will be another week to wait on those.

Light fixture from Seascape Lamps, photos are mine,
lamp from Pier 1 (haven't actually purchased, just liking),
Monterey crib and dresser from JCPenney, rug from JCPenney.

I also ordered a bedding set and blanket from W*lMart, just so I can see it in person.
It was cheap and I think I like it. Maybe I can mix and match parts of it?

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