Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's say resistance was futile. . .

Mom was here for a few days this week and I dragged her around shopping for stuff that the Man was not really into, or well, Mom was a more appropriate shopping buddy for. Ya know.

I finally went into a maternity store and actually found some clothes (Yay!). I was pleasantly surprised at what they had. We also walked around Babies R Us and I found this cute little jacket. It was so cheap, I had to get it.

Seeing all the little baby clothes made me want to see the baby in them. I'm actually getting a little anxious to see what he'll be like.

Speaking of . . . I had another OB appointment this week and aside from getting a mini lecture about my weight by a doctor I'd not seen before (I was informed that I should not eat cake, cookies, ice cream, fruit juice, or pop. The Man said I should have been sarcastic and asked, "Well, what on earth should I eat then?") and getting my slip for the dreaded glucose test, she did tell me they were going to send me for another ultrasound. That I don't mind. It will be fun to see him again. I'll be looking forward to that while I pout about being given crap for gaining weight. Unfortunately, she's going to be in for my next appointment, so I guess I will really have to be good this month. I swear it was the little guy's fault and not mine. Last month they said I was fine.

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