Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wholecloth is Finished

So this past week, I had my 3 hour glucose tolerance test (BTW, still don't know if I passed or not, but so far no calls from the doctor's office, so I hope that's a good sign) and I had just finished the quilting on this wholecloth crib quilt. I made up some binding for it and had to leave it sit for a day without working on it. That was actually hard. I find hand sewing the binding to be addictive and irresistable. How can you not? You spend ages on a quilt and just a few more hours sewing to finish it all up.

Anyway, I wanted to take it along with me to have something to do in the lab. I did take a book, but I have a hard time concentrating on books when people are talking around me. Sewing is perfect, except that it sometimes makes people want to talk to you, which is exactly what happened. But it helped to pass the time, anyway. I finished the entire binding during my appointment.

After the test, I came home, treated it for a couple little blood stains I managed to get on it from pricking myself when quilting and threw it in the laundry. I am so impatient to see the final product and washing just makes it perfect.

The Man made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so I ate that while trying to get some work caught up. Wow. I wasn't hungry until after I finally got to eat. About half an hour after I ate it, I got all hot and started sweating and ended up going to lie down for awhile. It went away after 15 minutes or so and then I felt fine. What in the world was that about? The sugar and the fasting suddenly get to me?

But the quilt is finished and it is perfect. The preprinted design completely disappeared and the quilt is wonderfully soft and wrinkly. Whose genius idea was this to make it for a baby boy? I'm thinking he doesn't get to really touch it. Much.

Wish I could get better photos of it, but this is the best I could do. I tried. I think you can click on them to enlarge and see a little closer.

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Thimbleanna said...

Oh my gosh! Did you quilt that by hand???? It's Gorgeous! I love whole cloth quilts -- they're sooooo pretty!