Thursday, April 02, 2009

Basement Bathroom

I mentioned a week or so ago that we had a contractor come out to look at our bathroom and to give us a quote on it. We've already ripped it out completely and now we need someone to rebuild it, since we don't really know what we're doing. Home improvement stuff is not The Man's forte, so if he's willing to earn what we need to pay someone else to do it, whatever. That works.

We haven't actually heard back from the guys yet (who's surprised at that??), but we've been doing our shopping and trying to decide what we want to use for materials so that we can get those purchased as soon as they decide they're ready to start.

These pictures are from the original walk-through. As you can see, it was a horribly ugly and tiny little bathroom. Its not going to get more than an inch or two bigger, but its still a bathroom. It will at least look nice when we're done and at least those tiles will be gone! I've never seen so many different tiles in one shower. The guy that built this house was very, um, resourceful. I had forgotten just how tiny this bathroom is. I think we'll have to put some storage or something outside the door!

This is what we've picked out so far.

Tile from Home Depot, faucets from Home Depot, pedestal sink at Lowes.