Saturday, April 27, 2013

Solid Quilt

Hey!  Look at this.  Two posts in one month!  Its a miracle!

I finished another quilt though.  Are you shocked?  Me too...

This one I started ages ago.  I wish I could remember just when, but it may have been before my first son was born (nearly 4 years ago!).  It was intended for him. 

This is a blatant copy of a quilt that I have loved at Serena & Lily - their Slate/Bay Blue Cabin Quilt.  They have several colors, but this one was my favorite.

In order to have the same look, it had to be hand quilted.  I wasn't quite sure how to baste for hand quilting, so I bought some fusible (I think it was fusible?) batting.  I smoothed the layers together and carefully ironed them.  I was concerned about it being annoying to quilt or how well it would hold together, but it actually worked quite well.  I did have to re-iron it once or twice after getting some of the middle section quilted, but it stuck back down and there were no real problems.  Perhaps hand quilting is a little more forgiving?

I used some 1" painter's tape to mark out the rows and then I quilted beside them with some pearl cotton.  It comes in several thicknesses, and I chose a thinner one, but I can't remember what size exactly.  That's the problem with taking so long to complete a project, isn't it?

It is approximately 45 x 60, but I did have to trim some off the sides to make the quilting line up right with the binding.  It turned out perfectly, though, and I and I am contemplating making a matching sham to go with it.  I might have to buy more fabric and I can't remember exactly what colors I used.  Kona coal gray maybe?  Who knows what the blue was.  I might have some extra of that.

I finished it at midnight and threw it in the wash (who can wait?).  I was a little concerned about the thread, but it is just fine and turned out wonderfully wrinkled.  Yay!  I shocked myself by putting it on his bed the same night and it is still there.  Do you have any idea how much time is in this quilt?  I figure approximately 50ish hours.  Yeah.  I might be crazy to give it to him.

So now I should really make another one for his brother, shouldn't I?  It seems wrong to give such a wonderfully hand made quilt to one son and not another, doesn't it?  Wonder how old he will be when I finish.  10?  15?  Ha ha.

You should really go check out Thimbleanna's yo yo quilt that she just finished.  Isn't it beautiful??


Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful! I've been eyeing quilts in this style in catalogs and thinking maybe I should make one or two. I love it that they'll go with anything. Your color combo is fantastic and your stitches are just perfect. Great finish! (And thanks for the shoutout -- we could have an infinite loop of linking back to each other LOL!)

Tessa said...

Your quilt looks just as lovely as the original, actually I think yours is better, your stitches are so lovely and neat. think you should definite make a second one for your youngest....... ;)