Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pretty Things

Lately turkey feather's been posting some really cute stuff! Check out the fun apron! I'm also drooling over her gorgeous peony.

I have a tree peony planted at my mom's house that looks similar. I bought it several years ago from WalMart and it took 3 years to bloom one single huge spectacular bloom. Last year was the second year - there were 2 pretty spectacular flowers! This past fall, though, my Mom accidently cut it down when she was cutting down her regular peonies. We were afraid that might have done it in, but it appears to be recovering much better than you'd expect. I see at least one bud and possible 2 or 3 more. There was a sucker of a herbaceous peony in the middle of it last year, so I'm really hoping that it is all really the tree peony that is coming back up.

This is it from last year.

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