Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Starting Over

I've given up on the blue and green quilt for my brother's wedding gift. I like it, but I've discovered that his fiancee is apparently going to have nothing but brown in the house. I believe their couch is tan, and every thing I've seen on her registry is taupe. SOOO. I'm rethinking this.

I ordered a TON of the brown and khaki fabric from fabric.com from the Kona cotton solids. I got a good price and free shipping for approximately 15 yards of fabric! Yeah! Enough for the khaki fabric to be used as the back as well, since I couldn't think of a thing that would look nice instead. So I had to shrink each square down half an inch. It makes it a queen size quilt, I believe. I cut out all of the brown fabric and started on the khaki and I had to stop and make a sample block, since I'm just that impatient and I have to be able to see the end result.

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