Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cross Hatching the Quilt

So I decided to just try a cross-hatch. Man, that's a lot of work! It seemed like it went fast and took forever at the same time. Its hard as all get out to get the lines straight every time and I sure wouldn't want to have to mark it. I used the little quide on the machine and it worked fine, but I had a tendency to curve the beginning and ending of the new line. Anyway. I think it turned out okay and you don't see the mistakes as clearly as you might think.

Not sure I'm excited about the quilt, but I think it will help if I run it through the washing machine and make it soft and wrinkly, just the way I like it.

I actually started the quilt last weekend and I got a bunch done, but we left to go to my parent's house for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and stayed till late Friday night. I seriously debated about dragging my machine and the quilt so that I could work on it there, but I decided that would be crazy. I also wanted to take a quilt with me since I figured we'd end up sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, but I nixed the extra quilt as well, since Mom does have blankets after all. Well, I missed having one of my own quilts to sleep with and there were several times I was wishing that I could sit down and sew while I talked to my Mom, cause man, we do a lot of talking and I feel really lazy doing nothing while we do.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I read this post and I thought, that's exactly what I was thinking! We always have to say what we're thankful for around the dinner table and I sorta hate it. Its a lovely thing to do and I would even insist that it is the right thing to do, but I feel silly and we would all probably cry if we have to actually be too serious about it. After all, everything else is trite when you have your family to be thankful for. Not that we shouldn't also be thankful for the little silly things as well.

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