Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back to Crochet

With all the talk of crochet on the various blogs I've been reading, I am finding myself wanting to pick it up again. I learned how when I was rather young and haven't done it much lately. I made a whole bunch of afghans while I was in high school and there was even a picture of me crocheting in one of my yearbooks. Everyone thought it was funny, but it was something to do and could easily be carried around. I spent most of my study halls crocheting or reading.

This afghan is something that I started in college. I was thinking about marriage and wanted to make it for our first home. I had chosen a rather small, lacy stitch and started it out making it as wide as my full-sized bed and planned to make it large enough to cover it. It took forever! I soon discovered that it would take way more yarn than I thought as well and would end up being rather expensive. I got bored with it after awhile. I think that one skein of yarn only ended up producing about 8 rows (only a couple inches tall).

Its been riding around in our car for awhile now. I thought I would work on it on trips. It just hasn't happened. So finally I took it out the other day and quickly used up the last skein of yarn that I know that I have. I tried looking around the house to see if there are any other skeins lurking about and haven't found any yet. It still nowhere near the size of the bed, but its a nice throw size. I think I will call it finished, tie it off, and start cleaning it up. The poor thing needs to be washed now. It has had pop spilled on it at one point and its got some candle wax dripped into it. All of which can be fixed. Its washable wool, so I will have to clean it up and then pop it into the washer. Hopefully it will survive!

Meanwhile, I've dragged out some of my pattern books for crochet and have started thinking about making a lacy ivory baby blanket with a nice brown ribbon weaved on the edges. Oh wait. I'm trying to finish already started projects. Ooops.

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