Sunday, March 25, 2007


One of the places that Mom & I went in the other day was Pottery Barn. I just love all the seashells and natural stuff that they have in there. They had some nests with bird eggs, some lovely faux succulents, lots of white seashells and a lovely nubby table runner that looked fantastic on the dark wood tables. Anyway, I behaved myself and came away with only some faux ferns. I really like them. I've put them up on my mantel for now. I love the touch of green to the wall.

My favorite place to go on vacation is Maine. We've been there a bunch of times, and my husband and I spent our honeymoon up there. I suppose in a way that's what all the seashells make me think of. So I might be stuck in Pittsburgh, but I want to surround myself with things that make me think of the beach. We've been planning another trip to Bar Harbor this fall and I'm already impatient to go.

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