Friday, July 20, 2007

More black and white

This is one of the quilts that I decided to make in black & white. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. I've got the top altogether and haven't gotten around to picking up batting for it yet. I think I'll have to see it quilted and washed to know if this is what I had in mind or not. (Yes, as Anna guessed, I am making another yo yo quilt out of the other black and white fabrics. This time it will be even bigger. I'm am quite obsessed with the sewing of yo yos. I'm up to 550 of them).

On another subject, assuming that we do actually get this house, I think my quilting and posting will have to be quite sporadic for awhile. There's so much to do. Right now we are arguing over the home inspection results and waiting for the bank's appraisal. I'm tired of all of it.

We did, however, order a couch and chair this week. Hopefully the reality of my living room will fit into the dreams of it in my head. We'll see. This is the couch. It is very comfy, if rather boring. In my head, my dream couch is all white with dark wood and silver nailhead trim. That, however, is not very practical. So this is what I settled for.

Photo taken from American Leather

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Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for answering my yo-yo question. That's awesome. I'd love to make one too, but I'm scared of the time commitment. How long would you say it takes you to make a yoyo (can you tell I've never made one?) Does the tool make it faster? I'm thinking maybe it's not really so bad if you're working on your second quilt. ;-) Moving is a pain -- good luck with it all. I love the couch you've ordered -- it looks really comfy. I've always wanted a leather couch.