Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweet Surprise

Guess what I found in my yard yesterday! I took Dutch out for a quick potty break and he was taking his sweet time while I was freezing, so I walked around the yard (its tiny - the walk was short) and inspected all the different plants that we planted. Some have tiny sprouts on them, which, I guess is good, because at least they are alive. Some of the plants were just nothing to look at when we put them in the ground. ANYWAY. I happened upon this:

How sweet is that? It was nothing but a twig sticking up out of the weeds until a few weeks ago when we started tilling up the ground and mixing in some new soil. I discovered that the one rose still has some pathetic tiny leaves on it, so I weeded all around it just in case. There's another pathetic stick near it and I'm hoping come spring something good will sprout from it as well. Don't you just love plants and flowers? The littlest things are so pleasing.

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