Friday, May 30, 2008

Are we done yet?

I've finished painting all but a couple tiles now. There are a couple that are just easier to leave in than to take down and I haven't gotten to those yet. I spray painted the vent for the air conditioning a nice white, but I couldn't figure out how to get it back up by myself. I put the remainder of the tiles up, except for a few that I just can't get back in. I was so irritated and frustrated that I gave up.

I'm secretly hoping that The Man will help me, but I'm not holding my breath. He's been away more than he's been at home this week and has not been getting enough sleep, so his patience is very short with fiddly things like this. I can't really blame him. He had to get up early this morning for something and ended up sitting on his butt in an un-air conditioned building waiting for 6 hours for exactly nothing. They didn't need him. Well, except he got a nice bit of OT. But still. That's been his week and it was grand fun for both of us.

But it does look better and brighter. I had to run around with a little artist's paint brush and touch up some scratches that I left on the tile trying to get it in and trying to get all the smudges off my nice clean tiles!

I can't believe that amount of dirt that taking them all down created.

There's plenty more. And wires. Wires for what? I have no idea.

I just stuffed em all back in.

Think anyone will notice that I broke a corner off? Some of them were ridiculous to get down.

Oh, and did I mention that I managed to fall while doing it? Yeah. I'm that bright. I was standing on the edge of a bench that tends to tip over and I attempted to step directly onto the ladder. I managed to fall on the edge of the treadmill and onto the bench AND knock over the ladder too with the air vent on top. Awesome. It really wasn't that bad, except that I have a lovely purple bruise across my butt. I'm sure it sounded and looked quite entertaining. Agh. I'm too impatient to always be careful. Very bad.

On the up side, the weather has been lovely this week and the little man is getting better slowly. Today, he actually looked out the window for awhile and made half-hearted attempts to play with his toys. This is progress!

I've been planting lots of things and I'll get around to showing those, but for now, this is an quick and easy project that I actually finished. I painted a plant stand that my brother made for me for a wedding present. It was a royal blue color and I painted it a stone color. I think it blends in with the brick better. And you know me. Less color as usual. But yay!

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