Monday, June 02, 2008

On to other things

I'll get back to the tiles and hopefully finish them later this week, but today was for more fun stuff. The Man is off today and it was lovely to have him home. We ran errands and did a bunch of things that we hadn't had time for.

We picked up a little fire bowl at Lowes for the backyard. Nothing spectacular, but it wasn't terribly expensive and we're both pleased to have a fire. I made him homemade graham crackers (from the June 2008 Country Home) and he's been making s'mores. He's plain old addicted to s'mores.

I bought a few more flowers and hopefully I'm done buying flowers now. For awhile anyway. My house is going to look like the crazy flower lady took up residence. Which I guess, I am, aren't I? I've always been a flower girl.

So here's a tour of my garden. Close up. Cause to back up and take in the whole thing is still quite scary.

alongside the driveway

Under the front window. I planted white caladiums in either corner too,
that don't seem to be liking that spot. Oh well.
Maybe they'll make a comeback.



Lady's Mantle

Tree peony

Roma tomato


Fading purple & white alliums



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