Sunday, July 06, 2008

Moving Paths

Yesterday we did some work in our backyard, since working on the front of the yard seems to hold no appeal for us. Never mind that it looks awful.

We decided to move the little path in the back from the patio to the steps that go up to the back of the yard, since its current position didn't make a whole lot of sense to us. It was following the L-shape of the outside of the yard, but who walks that way? Maybe we're lazy, but we wanted more of a straight line.

The Man dug a new trench and spread all the leveling sand. Dutch was very helpful by scampering around in the sand and digging for buried treasure. We picked out the stones and he broke a few to fit. Voila. New path.

We made a trip over to Brenckles Greenhouse and picked up some Corsican Pearlwort (I believe its also known as Irish Moss?) to plant between the pavers. Mom & Dad planted some between their pavers several years ago and I like how it looks. Its very soft and green and gets lots of tiny white flowers on it in the summer. Hopefully it will spread and fill in soon.

While we were there, I may have accidentally snagged a few lavender plants and some beautiful delphiniums. I mean, how could I help it? Who can be expected to walk away from two all-white delphiniums in bloom? I'm lucky that I couldn't carry more lavender with it. I have a problem.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Having done brick paths in the past, I know what a lot of work that is -- very nice! I'm finally doing a little blog-catch-up and have enjoyed reading your railing painting and swimming lesson escapades!