Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Out With The Brass

In the ongoing mission to eliminate all brass everywhere in this house, I have finally decided on a ceiling fan that I like. Do you know how hard it is to find any sort of variety in nickel finishes? I can't stand brass, and I'm not really interested in dark finishes. So nickel it is. But apparently I am one of the few looking for it, or the retailers just aren't paying attention.

Apologies for the mini rant. I'm still searching for the right outdoor lights in nickel as well, and that's not going well either. I'm annoyed.


These ceiling fans I picked up at Amazon, which was a much better deal than they were being sold for at Home Depot. About 1/3 less. Yay for Amazon! What I really wanted were these, but its just a fan. Not quite worth it. But isn't it pretty? I like the beading detail.

Old - and those were not my curtains either! This is from the walk-through.



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