Monday, September 02, 2013

Stripe Quilt

I have finished another quilt. Amazing!  Actually, the sad thing is that I finished this quilt a month ago.  Ha ha.  I'm just now posting it.

I made this quilt once before, but I ended up giving it to my sister when she got married 3 years ago.  I would have made her one, but I knew there was no way I'd get it finished in time with a one-year-old and a job, so I gave her mine and started another one to replace it for myself.  So yeah.  Its been sitting around my house since 2010.  

I finished the top in a relatively decent amount of time, since its really not that hard to do.  Then I took it up to my parent's house to baste it (they have lots of folding tables around and I like to clamp the bottom and middle layers to the tables and then pin).  Then I folded it up and never got around to doing the quilting.  When I finally tried it, it was wrinkling up and I felt like the whole thing should be taken apart and re-ironed.  Darn.

So I did.  I took out all those pins and re-ironed the whole darn quilt and got it basted again.  This time, my walking foot was doing a terrible job.  I bought one online that was supposed to be a Brother foot, but it turned out to be some cheap generic foot.  So I bit the bullet and bought a genuine Brother walking foot at a local quilt store and got my machine serviced while I was at it.  No more excuses!

It took me so long to finish this quilt that honestly, I would be perfectly happy not to see it again for a good long while.  The poor thing was filthy from never having been washed in the last 3 years and laying around in my living room with two dirty little boys for months.

But it is done!  Yay!  Just a simple cross hatch again with random lengths of black and white for the binding.  I should have taken a few more detail shots of it, but I was so over the whole thing that I didn't bother.  Ha ha.   

Now on to the next unfinished project!

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that's quite a quilt story! You're too funny -- it looks great and now you can enjoy it. If you get over being over it, it would be fun to see some close up pictures of the quilting!