Saturday, January 11, 2014

More Striped Quilts

Hello again.  I've been quilting some more.  It just takes me a lot more time that it used to!

After I made this quilt for my nephew, I figured I'd make a couple more for my kiddos.  They liked the puppy on it and were excited about having one themselves.

It is pretty easy and quick to put together the top.  This time I hand stitched on the applique and I embroidered their names on the bottom. 

I had trouble with quilting the first one.  The top just kept wanting to shift down, so by the time I got to the bottom edge, it had shifted a good half inch or so. What in the world?  I swear I used to be better at this quilting thing.  I finally figured out that I needed to adjust the pressure dial and I took it the whole way down to zero before it seemed to work okay.  It turned out alright, though.  I just had to trim the sides down a little more than I wanted to.

And wouldn't you know it?  The older Little Man didn't even want his quilt.  In fact, he came right out and said so and he wanted it off his bed.  I was annoyed with him so I asked if I should just throw it away then.  He said yes.  So I folded it up and its been in my closet ever since.  The younger Little Man could care less about his either.  Figures.  They really would rather have "cozy" blankets instead.  Whatever.

To be fair, he does have the hand quilted quilt on his bed and he's perfectly happy with it.  Perhaps he just couldn't see a reason for having another one.

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Thimbleanna said...

Well "we" love them! It's hard with boys (well probably with girls too LOL). Those little quilts are adorable. It's so nice to see you back online!!!