Saturday, December 02, 2006

aprons, aprons, aprons

I've got aprons on the brain.

I'm making some aprons for Christmas gifts this year, and one for myself of course! I've found some wonderful aprons online, but of course, couldn't really justify the price for me or for the gifts, but here's some links for inspiration.

This is totally my favorite apron and I'd like to duplicate it. In fact, I bought this fabric today from

Check out the other aprons at - I like them all. Also, there are some cute ones at Kitsch*n Glam as well, but they are even more expensive. And then, there's the ones at Athropologie. Aprons are in, I guess.

Oh, and if you wanted to make your own, I also found a pattern that I liked. Its Butterick 4945.

I figured that I will just trace an apron that I own and use it to make the Christmas gifts, since they are for men & women & kids and will work for unisex. I bought this fabric and this fabric for the adults and this fabric for the two girls. Now I am feeling guilty for spending so much money (I have a complex) but it comes out to approximately $10 each for 7 different aprons, including the shipping. I'll just need rings for the neck strap.

I thought maybe if I have fabric left over I will make some plan square potholders if I can find some insulated batting in time. I hate shopping too close to Christmas and here in the city it can get quite crazy.

I haven't figured out what else to give them, but I have a start, anyway. It will be cooking themed, at any rate.

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