Friday, March 07, 2008


I mentioned the other day that we did get our crown molding put up. It only took us, oh, maybe a month from start to finish? Not that that is any commentary on the actual difficulty of doing it, but we only manage to work on things in spurts.

It wasn't terribly fun though. The Man hated doing it. We couldn't seem to get good angles to save our lives. I don't know if that is more our fault or if the rooms are wonky. Who knows? The inside corners after painting and caulking turned out just fine though. The only thing I wish we could have done better was the seams. There are two seams in the bedroom and one in the spare room. Those didn't quite join up right. Not sure how that should have been done differently. Its not terribly noticeable either.

I do like how it adds another extra detail to the room and in a way it makes the rooms feel a bit brighter to have that tiny bit of shiny trim at the top of a matte wall. I'm happy its up and done.

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