Friday, March 28, 2008

Dining Table Indecision

I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time trying to decide on things to purchase for the house like light fixtures, ceiling fans, outdoor light fixtures, paint colors, bar stools, and a dining room table & chairs. Eek. I'm rather annoying to anyone around me, I suppose, by overthinking every decision. But I want everything to be just right, and its just not. What can ya do?

Right now, I'm trying to settle on a dining room table. I really don't like most of the tables that I've found in stores. First of all, there's not a large selection in most furniture stores. There's usually tables that are more formal than I want and tables that are way too casual. There seem to be a lot of oval tables. Some of them are just too "finished." I want the darn thing to look like its real wood and I don't want anything I'm going to have to keep a table pad on. Most of them aren't the kind of quality that I'm hoping for.

I've been looking online for places that make custom tables and I asked my older brother for help. He thinks that perhaps I can get an Amish furniture maker to custom make one for a good price. I think he might be right, so I'm trying to put together a definitive picture of what I want. This is what I'm coming up with so far:

I think this is my favorite style. Its the General Store table by Great Windsor Chairs in Lancaster, PA.

More of the detail on the General Store table.

I really like this table, however, I think that we would really scuff up a stretcher bar.

It is also by Great Windsor Chairs.

I like this style of top (its the same table as above) .

A hand-planed plank top also by Great Windsor Chairs.

Detail of a table at Pottery Barn (don't remember which one??)

Detail shots from the Harvest table at Pottery Barn.

I like the way this top looks and the color of it. Its the Restoration Square Table by Craftsman Tables. His stuff can also be found here.

I like the look of this one, too, although I don't want a painted table. Its the Victoria County Farm Table also by Craftsman Tables.

Maybe someday I'll make a decision and I'll let you know what I come up with. I'm still wrestling over the size. I want at least a 6' long table, but I'm not sure if will fit right. Then I have to pick a chair style. Argh.

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