Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crib Set

I finally finished my crib set yesterday. Not that it was that difficult to finish, but its more like I had a hard time getting myself motivated to finish it.

I skipped making a crib sheet, since it is so darn cheap to buy plain sheets. Someday, though, I'm going to try making crib sheets. It looks easy enough. There's a tutorial here from Michael Miller Fabrics, should you want to try it. There are also instructions for making a crib set here (at J. Caroline Creative) as well.

Anyway. The dust ruffle is easy. There is a pleat in the middle of the front and the back. You could skip the back, since no one will even see it, but that didn't occur to me. I just measured how long each side needed to be and sewed on the grosgrain ribbon and hemmed the bottoms. Then you attach them to the rectangle that is the deck (the part that goes under the mattress). Easy enough.

I bought bumper batting at JoAnns, cause I wanted it to be a little thicker than just a quilted bumper, but not too thick. I just sewed on the two ribbons and extended them out 15" for ties. You sew the rectangles together and then hand sew the bottoms shut. That's what I've been procrastinating about - sewing the bottoms shut. I didn't do a terribly neat job on that and I'm not sure why, but whatever. It doesn't look that bad and it is the bottom of the bumpers, after all. Oh, and I used Fray Check on the ends of the ribbons and that seems to work great.

The only problem that I have with the bumpers is that they are a tad too long, but you can make them fit fine. The other thing is that there is an even number of posts on the front of the crib, so there is no "middle" to tie the bumpers too. What's up with that? Also, there is ribbon on both the tops and bottoms of the bumpers and only the bottom one can be seen. Oh well!

I like how it turned out overall and I like the gray bows on the outside. I am tempted to make up a dust ruffle in brown as well for another sheet that I have, but I don't think I'll do any more bumpers. Technically, you're not even supposed to have them anymore.

So there it is. Very simple. We'll see if we can keep it clean.

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Thimbleanna said...

Yes. Technically. And I think that's just weird. I can't imagine that precious little baby head banging against the crib rungs. Millions of babies never had any problems with them. Hmmm.

Your crib set is gorgeous. As is the crib!