Saturday, May 09, 2009

Salad Boxes Follow-Up

So, I got my husband to make me some of the salad boxes that I posted about awhile ago. I think that it was probably about a month ago that we made them and planted the lettuces.

Well, here they are today. I think they are ready to start cutting, although we haven't done that yet. Perhaps tomorrow we will try it! I'm curious to see if they will grow again or if we'll need to reseed. I've never grown lettuce before, so we'll find out.

The smaller plants in the back of this box are spinach. Those don't seem to be quite ready yet. Anyway. The boxes seem to have worked very well! The Man has enjoyed watching his lettuce grow too, so that was fun. I think he was munching on it the other day as he was checking them out. Cute.

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