Thursday, January 12, 2006

Disturbing News

I was at my nearest JoAnns store today to pick up some quilting thread and there was a note posted on the cash register that the store would be closing in March. Stink, stink, stink!

Now, I'm not in love with JoAnns. In many ways they suck, but, they are still necessary! One can't make every quilt with $9/yard fabric. And where else do you wait for thread to go on 50% off sale before you stock up? But this is my JoAnns. The one that is just so close. Its not as if there aren't any others around, its just that it takes at least 20 minutes with traffic to get to any of them. What other store would I dare roll out of bed, put on a hat and a little makeup and sneak in when it opens to get whatever fabric I need that is on sale before all the crazy ladies come and make it not worth standing in line for?

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