Thursday, January 12, 2006

Embroidery & Quilting

I have no good way to baste quilts here, so when I had to make a trip to my parent's house this past weekend, of course, I bundled up all of the necessary quilt supplies and make a quick trip to JoAnns to pick up my batting and backing fabric. I was in a hurry and I still wanted to use my 40% off coupons on both items, so I ended up picking up just the fabric and then stopping in on Saturday to pick up the batting.

So late on Saturday night, I watched HGTV with my pal, Harley (my parents dog, the sweetest little chihuahua ever) and basted my green & white quilt. I went back home on Sunday morning and after my husband went to work, spent the evening quilting the basic grid lines. Now to figure out how to quilt it - the usual dilemma.

I think that I will do diagonals both directions to cut across all the nine patches and then, I was thinking, perhaps I could use my new machine to embroider a medallion of some sort in all the white "circles" or whatever they're called. Could be neat. I'm rather excited, since i have no idea how I would do that without doing the embroidery. I don't do circles yet. At least not that complicated and certainly not that many times! So, obsessed as I normally am, I spent hours on the internet trying to locate the single perfect medallion embroidery design to download. I haven't found it yet. Grr. Too many quilting designs are in packs and there are quilt "blocks" out the wazoo. I just want one little medallion thats not too sparse, but definitely not too busy. It has to balance with the density of the rest of the quilting. Sheesh. There is one that came programmed on my machine, but it seems too simple.

Wish me luck. I need to get back to my real job.

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