Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lots of nothing to say?

I'm afraid I've taken a bit of blog break because I can't think of much to say. I've been dragging my husband outside for a bit of fun any chance I get. The weather has been so lovely and I can't handle sitting inside staring out my window at budding trees and sunshine. We've tried to take up tennis and we have been exploring the bike paths and parks around the city. I intend to keep it up - I'm in desperate need of exercise and have been packing on the pounds lately! He works an odd schedule and quite a bit of it is outside his regular shift, so he'd much rather stay at home some days, but we both need the exercise and its good to do things together. As much as I sometimes dislike living in the city, there are parts that are great and I intend to become familiar with them all!

We've also been house-hunting and that seems to occupy my thoughts. I'm tired of looking and I hope we find the right one soon. Its hard to know what the best decision is and its hardly as if its a minor one! I understand that you're not buying your dream home the first time around, but I'm not one to move much. I'd very much like to stay put for awhile!

We did go to a local quilt show a couple weekends ago and had a look around. I was a bit disappointed. There were some really well-made quilts there with some really great hand stitching. Unfortunately, most people's color choices don't seem to appeal to me. Why do older ladies pick the ugliest prints and colors? Its too bad that there's not more representation there from younger quilters. This is the one picture that I took. Not that it was terribly novel, but I did like it and it was obviously made by someone with younger tastes than all the other quilts at the show!

I have been doing a lot of hand quilting on this quilt and I've started quilting up the quilt that will become my Yo-Yo quilt. The hand quilting is slow so no point in posting pictures of that and so far, the yo-yo quilt is all white, so no point in posting that either. I'll post pictures later when I have something to show.

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