Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slow Progress

I've been working on my yo-yo quilt and its going rather well, but slowly. I'm up to almost 80 sewn on. 320ish to go!


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh! I just love the way it's turning out. I can't remember...did you have a pattern or see it like this somewhere? So unique that you quilted and finished the background first. It's going to be very cool and probably lots more sturday than those old coverlet type things where they used to just sew the yoyos together.

Barefoot_Daydreams said...


I'm attempting to copy a quilt I found in a magazine from Gooseberry Patch. Its turning out quite like it! Hopefully all these yo-yo's won't come apart on me when washed, but yeah, this should be way more stable than just sewing them together. It seems like that would be rather fragile.